About Course


Doing the same thing, hoping for different results is the definition of INSANITY!

STOP the insanity - maybe it's time to try something different!

This course will take you through the 5 steps to help you consciously create what you want (instead of just leaving it whatever comes).

The results you receive with this exercise will be dependent upon YOU

* the time you’re willing to put in to HEAL what's in your way and

* how honest you’re willing to be with yourself about what you really think and really feel.

You didn’t create what you’re living now with little time put in.

Financial deficiency, for example is created EVERY time you stress about money.

EVERY time you fear looking at your balance, paying your bills, or not being able to afford that, you create financial deficiency; EVERY time you say you don’t have the $, you create financial deficiency.

EVERY less-than-desirable thing you have in your life has been created over time.

If you just want to make a list and hope you'll get what you want, this is NOT the course

for you. In that case, go back to New Year's resolutions, affirmations, and positive thinking.

If you TRULY want to create amazing things in your life and you’re willing to put in some time and effort…this course IS for you!


Make 2024 your best year yet!

This course includes:
  • 20 minutes on-demand video

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • 8 Downloadable Resources